What's going on up there ???

A new roof !!!

This year has brought with it some record rainfall for Southern California. Along with the rain came exposure of the leaks in our roof. Like the previous owners we thought that after our last attempt to seal the roof we were good to go. That was not the case at all. The roof had been patched and patched but never really repaired.

So we decided that it was time to stop playing around and we ordered new roof material. We chose the LaSalle Bristol XTRM PVC product and ordered it from Amazon. Being Prime subscribers we were able to obtain free shipping on the material as well as the Installation kit. These items showed up quickly and right on time.
The first order of business was to get the solar panels off of the roof. We stored these in our van during the project. These are just too big to put anywhere else. 

Next we had to stat pulling away at the existing materials that were on the roof. Under the rubber roof we discovered that most of the trim pieces had just rotted aw…

Can you feel the POWER ?!?!?!

Well with the hot weather there came a noise that was becoming our Soundtrack of the Summer which was the onboard battery charger running. That humming would start in the heat of the day and run straight through to evening. This was not going to continue.

So Cat, being the brains of this operation, got out her trusty voltmeter and determined the House Battery was up to no good. In fact, the House Battery was all wrong in nearly every fashion. So she got on the phone and found us a nifty AGM from the good people at Battery Systems in Murrieta and they had an appropriate battery sent to their warehouse.

The best part of this battery is that it is the same physical size as the battery we removed. The battery that was in place was a Deep Cycle battery for RV and Marine applications and provided nifty Cold Cranking power. Ok, so what is it doing trying to run our lights and electronics? That's totally incorrect.

So Cat picked up the new battery, brought it home and the two of us wrestl…

Let's go out back ...

... to see the progress made in what was once the bedroom.

 This room caused me all sorts of grief. First we had to wrestle it down to the walls and then of course we discovered the water damage. This was intense. However, we were able to get all of that repaired and put back in order. Then a fresh coat of paint to make it all wonderful.

The big mint box across the back is storage, accessable from outside, where we store all the "other" stuff like the bar-b-q and such. This is our garage so it's pretty stinking important.

The next thing to do was to rebuild closets for us. The original closets were 12" wide. We purchased the drawer units and then made the closets as wide as them. Turns out they were 22" and with the required framing that made the whole closet 24" which just happens to be the width between the back corners and the center window (behind the Buddha).

Cat keeps her side a bit neater than my side.

The emergency exit for the coach is behind this…

Wrap it up, I'll take it !!!

Let's start back at the beginning. Here is the photo I took of the living area of Jack before their project started. It was dark, lacked a place to sit together and it was overwhelmingly boring. 

The first task was to remove those silly chairs on the starboard side. That was easy just a few bolts and a grinder. Once this was out the area really opened up.

The vision for this area was to create an eating area to replace the dinette. Also I wanted to add some counter space for food prep and such. There is no counter space without the dinette. Once this was removed the floor opened up quite a bit. So a 16" counter was added.

Just like that the counter was in place and now with a couple of stools under it with a couple drawer units we have really created a great place to eat, prepare meals and set things down when needed. We also painted the walls and the new floor brings all of the colors of the coach together neatly. Minerva seems to enjoy the new squishy floor.

Now that the di…

Getting to the bottom of this ....

This morning I put the loft bed back into Jack. I cleaned it all up in there and washed the bedding. This first picture is without the curtains. The curtains are all "black-out" material so once the curtains are in place the coach will be too dark for photos. We're not keeping it dark so there are clips that we will use to keep the curtains out of the way during the daytime.

Part of selling things on Craigslist was a barter for a sewing machine. The deal was curtains for the machine. I figured we'd lose on that as curtains are not that hard to make but the woman out performed our expectations. I'm very pleased with the results.

 So the flooring arrived on Monday and I was able to get to it today. It's 1 x 1 x 5/8" square foam. It's a blast to walk on and it insulates Jack real nice. There is roughly 85 sq ft of Jack flooring and I ordered 100 squares. I made it by three squares. That was too close for me. There is a reason why the floor is checkere…

Coming out of the closet ...

Well, it was only a matter of time before the I'd do this but I finally framed out the closets. The storage box was finished and I went ahead and painted it mint to match the rest of the details inside. Then I worked over and over again how I would make the closets so that the drawer units would fit inside of them and still have room to hang clothing above. In the process there became another decent storage area.

This set up allows for the closets to fit into that area without putting any pressure on the walls. The closet bars hang on the frame themselves. The frames are screwed to the walls only two times each just to keep them in place. Everything is snug and without tension.

I painted the accent color inside the coach also. I painted the cabinets where they were previously painted black. I didn't like that idea at all. This looks so much better in mint now. In the picture you can see water damage on the roof panel. This is slated for repair next summer. If we decide we enjo…

Build Something Already !!!

So this week has been about getting Jack ready to move into. As "stuff" leaves the house via Craigslist or Letgo we exchange the dollars for things from Home Depot. The first big project was to rebuild the storage box in the back room. There is nothing level about Jack. Currently he isn't level, the floor isn't level and building anything with a level would be foolish. So everything is measure, cut, measure, trim, measure, build.

Now the back room storage box is completed.

The access to this if from outside. There will be a "cat door" in this so that the kids have access to their boxes. Cleaning their boxes will take place standing outside of the coach. So much better.

Once this was put in place then I focused on the breakfast counter. This is an important area of the coach as I wanted an additional food prep area as well as a place to eat since the dinette is going to be a full time sofa. This was easier to build than find the lumber for. But, we found wha…